Song A Day: No. 1

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In an effort to post more, I have come up with a simple plan.  I will try to at least post one song a day or so.  So lets get it started


Tim Hecker – Analog Paralysis, 1978

I was a big fan of Hecker‘s Harmony In Ultraviolet from 2006 and his new album, Ravedeath, 1972 inspired me in a way i haven’t been inspired.. in a while.

and here’s a nasty track off of James Blakes‘ Album James Blake

James Blake – Why Don’t You Call Me

This Station is Non-Operational

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The time has come once again for me to attempt to share some of the music that has touched my heart with all who may grace these pages.

These songs were originally a collection of songs I made while I was steeped in the process of moving from one apartment to another.  Above you can see a picture of my old (empty) room.  Having finally gotten settled into my new abode I spruced up the playlist and I’ll throw it up here to share with my friends.

This Station is Non-Operational – Songs for February

Real simple.  All you gotta do, is download that, unzip the file, then pull the .m3u (playlist file) at the bottom into a new playlist in iTunes!

Cut Copy : Zonoscope

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My boys from down under finally got done grillin’ shrimp off the barbie and made a new album.  With an absolutely beautiful cover by the way:

It’s being released on Modular in Feburary, not able to find any producer credits so perhaps they took a go themselves once again.  Makes me sad that there wont be Tim Goldsworthy’s loving hands crafting every song but luckily we have a remix by The Loving Hands of Take Me Over.

Take Me Over – The Loving Hands Remix by Tim Golsworthy

As for the album, I’m still working through it, I spent a lot of time with In Ghost Colors and even Bright Like Neon Love so I need to take this slowly.  I won’t bother with the singles cuz we’ve heard those so i’ll drop a few tracks that catch my ear.

Cut Copy : Alisa

I hoped this was a cover of Ariel Pink’s Graffiti excellent Alisa, but to no avail.  good song anyway.  and heres the Graffiti version just for fun.

Ariel Pink’s Haunted Graffiti : Alisa

Cut Copy : Pharaohs & Pyramids

My worry is the album will feel too subdued, I really want them to up the bombast or at least bust out some nasty Feel The Love grooves.  This song comes early in the album after the single Where I’m Going and shows us that they can still groove a la New Order/Talking Heads.

Speaking of which heres one more song towards the end that I’m liking quite a bit.

Cut Copy – Corner of the Sky

So far I’ll give it an adjunct Cornucopiuh Thumbs Up, I can’t make any hasty decisions.

Top Albums of 2010

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The time has finally come for me to begin my countdown of the best albums of the past year.  There’s still a few days left in the year so I don’t feel late, I’ve been parsing through all of the music that has come out this year and I’m overwhelmed with the amount of amazing shit that has come out recently.  And a year is a long time, some shit came out early in the year that I’ve moved on from but I still have to give them their props as well.

Anyway, to begin I’m gonna go with everyone’s current favorite album, Kanye West‘s My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy at #10

I was about to put this album as an honorable mention, but listening to it I can’t help but at least give it a spot.

Kanye West feat. John Legend: Blame Game

Just listen to Blame Game where Yeezy actually makes John Legend somewhat interesting since he knows he can use bad words on this album.  After Legend does his soulful thing Kanye talks about some real feelings.  I am genuinely moved by some of Mr. Kanye’s lyrics and I’m really proud of him.  Then he has a conversation with a robot pitched down version of himself and I can’t help but fucking love Kanye’s production.

and I forgot to even mention that the track is based off of a sample of the simply beautiful Avril 14th by the electronic music genius Aphex Twin

Aphex Twin: Avril 14th from the album Drukqs

As the beat continues Chris Rock does an actually funny bit where it is revealed that Yeezy can teach a woman how to treat a man well.  This isn’t the first time someone uses Avril 14th as a beat for a joke:

Sorry for the shitty quality.  Andy Sandberg didn’t exactly get permission to use Aphex Twin‘s song so some shit went down.  And I can’t help but love Adam Levine’s smooth voice.

After the fun of Blame Game, the album ends with some lovely Justin Vernon intervention on the rambunctious Lost in the World. And a charged exit with the quick and brutal Gil Scott Heron sample-fest of Who Will Survive in America. Personally I love Kanye’s condensing of Heron‘s poem a thought-provoking ending is a perfect way to get people to come back.  Good Job Mr. West.

Kanye West feat. Bon Iver: Lost in the World

Kanye West: Who Will Survive America Really Gil Scott Heron’s Comment #1:

Cut Copy/New Order

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Today I am brought to an intriguing match-up on electronic pop from present and past.  Firstly, well take a stroll down Cut Copy‘s In Ghost Colors.

mp3: Cut Copy – Stranger in the Wind

mp3: Cut Copy – Visions

mp3: Cut Copy – Nobody Lost, Nobody Found

All cuts from In Ghost Colors in their intended order, Visions is an interlude but I feel it adds a lot to the overall feel of the album, which happens to be expertly produced by Tim Goldsworthy, who is one half of the hyper-hip DFA Records and was a producer for UNKLE and co-founded the label Mo’ Wax all before teaming up with James Murphy.

On The Rapture‘s excellent album Echoes Goldsworthy and James Murphy shared duties on programing, mixing, and engineering making it a monster of an album and showing what these two producers can do together with a talented band.

Now Tim Goldsworthy is going solo while Murphy is busy with the LCD.  He takes on a young Australian band with buttloads of talent in Cut Copy.  Already having Bright Like Neon Love under their belts these guys were made to be on DFA.  Goldsworthy weaves dozens of vocal tracks and instruments into a fluid layer cake of effects and all the electronic music-tropes you love to hear.

This bring us to the second part of this afternoon’s post.  Goldsworthy isn’t using alchemy to make music thats never been conceived of before, he merely takes all of the good things about electronic pop music and tailors it to a band to make them sound amazing.  But there are certain bands that are milestones in the age of electronic pop, one Being New Order.

New Order sprang up from the ashes of the much beloved Joy Division:

Second From the Right is Ian Curtis, the lead singer and songwriter of Joy Division.  The other men from left to right are Stephen Morris, Peter Hook, and Bernard Sumner.  Stay Tuned for Part II, New Order!

Friday 12/10(1)

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Edvard MunchThe Scream

the painting has a good story.

In the wake of finding out I didn’t get the internship I’ve been hoping for for a month or so now the veil of depression is pulled over my mind.  Facebook Games don’t interest me anymore.   Everything seems focused but obscured at the same time somehow.

This brings me to the most beautiful music in the world, Sunset Rubdown.  I’ve been listening to all of their songs on repeat for the past 18 hours and it has been a great help for me.

Ever since Wolf Parade dropped Apologies to Queen Mary, Spencer Krug, one half of the writing and singing duty of WOlf Parade has been releasing consistently amazing music under the alternate name, Sunset Rubdown.  Take a sample from a few of their albums, they are all pretty great.

mp3: Sunset Rubdown – Us Ones in Between from Shut Up I Am Dreaming

mp3: Sunset Rubdown – Swimming

mp3: Sunset Rubdown – A Day in The Graveyard II from EP

mp3: Sunset Rubdown: For the Pier (and Dead Shimmering) from Random Spirit Lover

mp3: Sunset Rubdown – You Go On Ahead (Trumpet Trumpet II) from Dragonslayer

Post-December Playlist

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I’ve been busy with life and everything and haven’t had as much time to post on here, but my views are goin down, which I don’t like.  But for that one person that checks everyday here’s a monster playlist for you from Mr. Sand Bunny chillin’ in the summer sun.

post-december playlist

All you gotta do is download and unzip that bad boy, and then open up the .m3u file in the folder and you got a playlist.


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